Sunday, July 20, 2008

Land O' Lakes

These pictures are all out of order, but here they are anyway, enjoy!

July 15-19 Lake Nacimiento
Crazy Cade doin his thing

Hull and Cuillard Families. We made it 4 days (5 nights) in a double wide trailer with 9 kids and 4 adults!! We had a lot of fun and can't wait to do it again soon!!

Hunter couldn't get enough time wakeboarding. We would get to the lake at about 9:30 and not leave until 7:00 the kids were in heaven!

Shay Bear keepin up with the boy's of course.           

Day trip to Lake Castaic with the Cuillards

And finally, our family trip to Lake Powell. Life is Good........

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Zealand

Back to civilization!! We LOVED Tonga but excited for a nice shower without worms/bugs in it, a/c, nice and healthy food, (the kind with preservatives in it :>) etc. NEW ZEALAND has got to be the cleanest and greenest place on earth. It was fall there (opposite our seasons) so it was cool weather for us and lots of rain. The greatest part about N.Z was we got to be there with my parents, Shane's parents and Aunt & Uncle.

Here we are picking up our new home for 7 days. Let's just say this was by far the best way to see everything we wanted to see, but a bit too cramped with rainy weather conditions.

Waitomo Caves, where we took our tour of caves with glo-worms in them.

One warm day the boys were able to surf.


Shane did great driving. Not only did he have to get used to driving on the right, he had to do it in a motorhome that was stick shift therefore using his left hand to shift! It made for lots of laughs and only twice did we have to tell him to get on the right side of the road!