Sunday, June 22, 2008

A little more Tonga

This little beauty is what my great uncle took us and 5 other family members in to have a picnic on a beautiful desserted island. By picnic i mean everything from the land: left over pig from dinner the night before,which some younger boys caught in the front yard, "bopped" over the head and cooked on spit fire right there! Fish he caught while on our own private island, and roots from the land there. Amazing

Shane was in heaven! We did make it to the other island without having to throw anyone over board. Notice the tags on the boat? A long way from home that boat is........

Happy Family! (minus one!)

By far the best part; seeing my children give the children of Koloa school supplies and the expression on the kids faces, priceless. Koloa is a tiny island my grandma grew up on. 1 school, 2 classrooms. Such a poor people, the rate of unemployment there is like 70% , but they are happy and life is simple.