Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hope you've got some time.......

because this is a long one, so here ya go.

Shaylee has been busy cheering for her brothers football team and of course playing soccer.

We never know what this one is going to do next.....she is definitely a star on the field, and makes our soccer filled Saturday's more exciting to watch!

I have been able to enjoy a few late night trips to Pinkberry with some great friends.....

Jamie and Rachel's first time, i think they liked it!!

Here are a few pictures from our girls sleepover. It was so much fun, with SO much food of course. I wish i would have gotten pictures of a few of us trying to start a fire in the fire pit.....great memories! Who's house next year???
Here's Kaye at her "spot" for the night :)

I'm sorry Laura, but i had to! You're beautiful even when your surprised :) I didn't take very many pictures, mainly because i still can't figure out all the waaay too many features on my camera!

Here's Shannon trying to show us her Rock Star Nails. so sad it's blurry, but i'm posting it anyway!!

Kelly getting her Rock Star Nails on.

These beauties are all from Shane's side of the family. We've got my Mother-in law, sister in laws, aunts, cousins, and cousin in laws. We were able to help the economy some in San Diego. We did a WHOLE lot of shopping, eating and had great conversations. Love these ladies and i am so glad i get to call them family.

We've got double digits baby! The big 10 for Hunter. His day consisted of 2 morning soccer games, his first football game and his very own store bought cake accompanied by family for dinner. It was another crazy fun Saturday. But he did get his birthday wish for one last lake trip (i'll post those pictures later) We love you Hunter and are so proud of all the effort you have been putting into school and home, you have the biggest heart and i love when you and i get to go on "dates" and have great conversations. You are sensitive and i love that about you! We are so blesssed to have you as part of our family. xoxo

Doesn't he look so thrilled to have me hanging on him?

Lot's of soccer for cade. This boy is really enjoying soccer and is now taking his games very seriously. We have recently discovered that with a little incentive ($$) he will score goals at will. Money talks for this one....