Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Because I Have Been Given Much…..

These past few months with the election have been brutal. I never expected to get so emotionally involved, but I did. And for great reason- my children. My nieces. My nephews and my friend’s children. They have all been at the forefront of my mind during this time.
I am grateful prop 8 passed. And for now, we are still able to enjoy religious freedom, parental rights and that traditional marriage is what is being recognized. I am grateful to all of the"soldiers" who worked fervently doing whatever was asked of them even when it was uncomfortable. I could literally feel the strength of those that lined 2 sides of the street for a 1/2 a mile standing for what is right. I feel like i am a little stronger and that my kids are a little stronger because we have been united in doing what is morally right, not what is politcally right. I feel blessed to have a husband who feels the same way I do. When the prophet speaks he does not hesitate to move forward, but he runs. And he runs with his whole heart and conviction.

This is one of my favorite hymns. It is a great reminder of how incredibly blessed I am. And to always- always be grateful.

Because I have been given much, I too must give;
Because of thy great bounty Lord, each day I live
I shall divide my gifts from thee
With every brother that I see
Who has the need of help from me.

Because I have been sheltered, fed, by thy good care,
I cannot see another’s lack and I not share
My glowing fire, my loaf of bread,
My roofs safe shelter overhead,
That he too may be comforted.

Because I have been blessed by thy great love, dear Lord,
I’ll share thy love again, according to thy word.
I shall give love to those in need;
I’lll show that love by word and deed:
Thus shall my thanks be thanks indeed.