Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Okay, maybe we do look alike.

Kinergarten pictures-gotta love em' right? Shaylee and me (chapped lips and all). I love it, i love that there is proof she is mine and i can finally see it....i didn't go through 9 months of "pure joy" for nothing. :)
I know her birthday is not for a few months (may), but i can't believe she will soon be 8. My only girl is stuck in between 2 very active, athletic CraZy boy's. So in return she is able to claim her stake in this house (or anywhere else for that matter) because of it. Her Dad likes to call her "Spidermonkey", or his more endearing nickname for her is "Pepper-sprout". Some of her likes/loves are: guitar lessons with her dad
playing the guitar with her Papa Vince
mani's, pedi's, and shopping with her Mama
Hannah Montana
Jonas Brothers
singin and dancin in the mirror
playing school (esp. when she's the teacher)
holding her baby cousin Ruby Belle
a pick up game of football with her brothers
soccer games
riding her quad
jumping on the tramp
junk food 24-7
fashion design
horses. feeding,riding petting anything to do with them
dude ranch trips every other year

Want's to be: a vet. when she grows up

Has a crush on: Joe Jonas

BFF's: Hannah and Brooke

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: does candy count??